Jefferson County Council gives the green light to gravel, sand mine -

Jefferson County Council gives the green light to gravel, sand mine

(KMOV) -- The Jefferson County Council, in a two-to-one vote, agreed to a rezoning request and conditional use permit for a gravel and sand mine on Byrnesville Road, near House Springs.

The bills still have to go through two more public readings. County Executive Chuck Banks says he expects the council will hear an amendment that would require additional fencing around the mine, but tonight's decision means the council will support the mine.

"I don't believe that it's going to have a negative effect on the residents and it is right next to our park, a park that this family has donated much land to and easements to," said Banks.

He added, "This is just the right decision to make."

The land is currently used as a topsoil source at 4980 Byrnesville Road. The 35.2 acres are owned by the Harness family who have agreed to build a fence and limit operating hours at the mine.

Still, a group of residents who live and work nearby have opposed the mine, saying it would create noise and affect property values in the area.

Linda Schroeder, who owns a sod farm down the road, said she is considering suing over the decision to allow the mine.

"The will of the people, that's what all of this is about. We introduced 400 signatures to them against it. They did not listen to any of us," said Schroeder.

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