Air freshener responsible for teens pricey ticket -

Air freshener responsible for teens pricey ticket

(KMOV) -- A Pontoon Beach police officer pulled Zach Galbierz over Saturday night and ticketed him with a "window obstruction," but Zach says he could see just fine.

"I'm like where's the window obstruction?" Galbierz says.  "And then he finally told me that it was this little thing."

"Did you know it was even a law?" News 4 Reporter Maggie Crane asks.

"Nope, had no clue," Galbierz says.

The 99-cent air freshener was dangling from his rear-view mirror.

"This little thing got me $120 ticket," Galbierz says.

Even within that same parking lot where Zach was pulled over, we spotted several cars that were clearly breaking the law.

"If you look, when I'm sitting right here, it is not in my way whatsoever," Galbierz says as he sits in the Camaro he rebuilt with his uncle.

So we stopped by the Pontoon Beach Police Department to find out what's going on with it and was told that only the chief could talk to media.  Well, he's out of town for the next two weeks, But I did find the law, and sure enough, it states: "No person shall drive any motor vehicle with any object or material hung from the inside rear-view mirror..."

"Actual ticket -- no warning or anything like that," Galbierz says.

While it won't count as points on his license, it is costly.  And here's the real rub:  according to Zach's ticket, he owes $120.  That's double the cost of a seat belt violation and just $20 less than a speeding ticket.

"And both of those I think could kill you, and I've never heard of dying because a little air freshener is in your way," Galbierz says.

And that's why Zach plans to take his ticket -- and air freshener -- to court.

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