Residents concerned over deadly Centralia roads -

Residents concerned over deadly Centralia roads

(KMOV) – Numerous crashes at a dangerous Centralia, Illinois intersection have some wondering how many accidents have to happen before something is done.

About 8,000 cars drive through the intersection each day, and over the past five years, the Illinois Department of Transportation reports that there have been 14 accidents.

But it’s what’s happened in the last month and a half that has a community pleading for help.

On September 9, Liz Bone was hit as she crossed 161 at Harting Road in Centralia. She says she never saw the other car.

With a broken sternum and pelvis, she says live since the accident has been extremely difficult. She can barely walk.

After getting home from the hospital, Bone emailed IDOT about the crash and included a warning. She said something needed to be done before someone is killed.

One month later, there was a fatal accident.

Gay Snyder says her 12-year-old son, Cody, was on his way home from Wal-Mart when he and his 16-year-old brother were broadsided. Cody never made it home.

The busy intersection is on the edge of town. It’s the entrance to a mobile home park. Just beyond this area, the speed zips up to 55 miles per hour; just before, it’s reduced to 45 mph.

IDOT ran a test and found that 30 percent of the drivers going through that area do speed, but many of those drivers were only going a mile or two over the limit.


Joseph Monroe says IDOT has reviewed the crashes, and there’s not a glaring pattern. They even responded to Liz Bone’s email, but they are not ready to make any permanent changes.


The Illinois State Patrol works closely with IDOT to determine safety hazards. The highway patrol is aware that many drivers are speeding in that area, and on many of the state’s two-lane highways.

But those areas are often unsafe to run radars in because there are no shoulders to safely pull drivers over.

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