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Operation Talon

   Operation Talon went on in southern Illinois during July, August and September.   The US Marshal along with local law enforcement literally visited all 2,233 registered sex offenders in 38 counties, making sure they were living under the guidelines of their parole.

     20 were arrested for various charges, such as weapons, but 6 were caught on sexual offenses inckuding possession child porn. 

      Checking up on sex offenders can be tedious and expensive for each and every police and sheriff department, but the US Marshal is doing it. 

      Since the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act was passed in 2006, the US Marshals Service has arrested over 34,000 fugtives for sex offenses and failing to register.

     Illinois State Police figures show 892 regsitered sex offenders in Madison and St Clair Counties and and 59 sex offenders who not complying with the registry law.


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