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Local sheriff's department ready to 'shame' suspects

(KMOV) -- The St. Clair County, IL Sheriff's Department is taking surveillance of trouble-causers to an entirely new level.

Today the department unveiled a new vehicle it's calling 'The Exterminator.'

It's a refurbished, armored truck that's equipped with video cameras, digital recorders and live video streaming computers.

'The Exterminator' will be parked in front of suspects' homes and video from the four cameras is streamed live to computers at the Sheriff’s Department. Investigators can even see live video on their smart phones.

Armored vehicle company Garda Cash Logistics donated the vehicle.

According to a news release sent by the department, "The Exterminator is not an undercover vehicle; it’s deigned to be highly visible.  It sends a message. We will not tolerate drug trafficking, littered lawns, loud noise and other neighborhood nuisances. If you can’t live peacefully with your neighbors – we will send “The Exterminator!”"

The cameras cannot zoom in and out or peer into anyone's home.  They cannot record audio.  They can only see what you and I can see from a public street.

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