St. Louis Police Officers, suspect shot -

St. Louis Police Officers, suspect shot

Sometimes in this job you get a slice of life that is mind boggling.  I was in the neighborhood where two St. Louis officers were shot last night.  (One remains in critical condition) talking to residents.  More than one mentioned that the suspect was "a good guy", yet they realized he is charged with shooting two officers.  They seemed to be able to separate their feeling that he was nice from what he is accused of doing.  It was as if there is so much violence here, some residents have learned to "mind their own business" and compartmentalize relationships.  I also talked to a sweet young girl on a bike who asked what we were doing on our live shot.  I told her police and a man had shot at each other.  She said "I feel sorry for the man but the police are mean and stupid".  I asked her what had the police done that was "mean and stupid".  She said "they locked my daddy up".  I just told her I was sorry, I didn't have hope that in a five minute conversation I could change her life experiences and environment. 

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