Moving A Beer Sign Can Be Expensive -

Moving A Beer Sign Can Be Expensive

(KMOV) -- News 4 is investigating a questionable expense involving a major road project in North County.

A stretch of Jennings Station road is under construction, the two lane road will be widened to allow for increased traffic volume. The project will cost 10 million dollars to complete.

Carl Knocks owns a print shop and a bar at the corner of Jennings Station Road & West Florissant. Knocks says the county approached him about relocating his sign because of the road work.  Knocks says the county explained it would cost ten thousand dollars to relocate his bar and beer sign that was attached to a metal pole. 

According to the county highway department the contractor, L. Krupp, quoted a 10 thousand dollar price to remove the sign. Knock's thought the price was too high, so he negotiated his own deal with the county. The county paid Knocks 45 hundred dollars to get the work done, Knocks 'ultimately had the sign removed for one hundred dollars thanks to a local beer distributor and a guy with a blow torch.

"The fact that he got it done for free good for him, we would have spent money regardless," says Dave Wrone, spokesperson for the county highway department. Wrone says the project includes up to 7 hundred thousand dollars worth of contingencies for unforeseen problems during construction, that money can also be applied to overlooked items like the beer sign.

Wrone says getting additional bids for removing items like the beer sign could ultimately delay the project. News 4 left messages for L, Krupp asking them to explain the ten thousand dollar bid for a job that ultimately cost the sign owner a hundred dollars, our calls have not been returned.

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