Lindbergh School District asks for new tax increase -

Lindbergh School District asks for new tax increase

(KMOV) – Usually schools ask voters for a tax rate increase to fund a new project. Now, the Lindbergh School district has already cut dozens of positions and eliminated millions of dollars from the budget – but they still need money.  

The district is already dealing with deep cuts in personnel and programs to overcome a $14 million shortfall over the past three years. Like most districts, they depend on property taxes, and assessments are down.


The district will ask for new taxes for the first time in 17 years.

More than 50 personnel, including more than a dozen teaching positions have been cut since last year. That means increased class sizes.

All districts depend on property taxes, but in the Lindbergh School District, they account for 94 percent of all funding.


When the economy tanked, assessments dropped. This levy will only hold current funding levels. But leaders say without it, $5 million in additional cuts will be needed.

If Proposition L passes, the owner of a $200,000 home would pay about $247 more each year.

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