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Leave your car unlocked, get a ticket

(KMOV/UPI) -- Commissioners in a Pennsylvania township are considering a measure to allow police officers to ticket motorists who leave their parked cars unlocked.

Upper Moreland Township Police Chief Thomas Nestel, who proposed the ordinance, told the commission's public safety committee during a Monday meeting the ordinance is required to curb thefts, the Bucks County (Pa.) Courier Times reported Tuesday.

Nestel said data from 2008 to the present indicate more than 75 percent of reported thefts from cars took place when the vehicles were left unlocked. He said 81 thefts have been reported from cars thus far this year and 75 of the cars had been left unlocked by drivers.

The proposed ordinance would have officers perform spot checks in neighborhoods with high rates of theft from cars, and lock cars found unsecured with warning notes inside. Second-time offenders could get $25 citations.

Board members said they will seek opinions from residents and discuss the issue again at a Nov. 15 meeting.

Car break-ins have been an epidemic this year in the St. Louis area and cops told News 4 privately they get very frustrated that people make it easy for thieves by leaving their cars unlocked.

Unlocked cars might make a thieves life easy, but punishing drivers for being vulnarable isn't a popular idea in St. Louis.



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