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$15,000 Reward for information in Lincoln County murder case

(KMOV) – Investigators are offering a $15,000 reward for new information in a Lincoln County murder case that happened in July when a business owner was gunned down outside his garage.

Investigators say the killer was convicted sex offender Paul Smith, who later took his own life.

However, they believe there are more suspects in this case.

Jeff Smith, also known as “Smitty”, was murdered in early July outside his car repair shop.

Police say Paul Smith, the man who abducted 4-year-old Alisa Meyer, also killed Jeff Smith.

Detectives say they believe the convicted sex offender was trying to steal a car to use in the little girl’s abduction.


The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department has several “persons of interest,” but not enough evidence to charge anyone else in the murder.


“Now that some time has passed, the individuals who put up the reward have increased the value in hopes that with the gap increasing there may be people willing to come forward and give us information we desperately need,” says Detective McCarrick.


Convicted sex offender James Oellerman, who owns the Hawk Point property where Paul Smith was found, is in jail in St. Louis. But investigators say they have no proof he was linked to either this murder or the abduction of Alisa Meyer.

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