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St. Louis Area High School Volleyball Rankings

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore

KMOV St. Louis Area High School Volleyball Rankings by


 1. St. Joseph’s      17-6     Setter Alyssa Jensen uses all her tall hitters.
 2. Cor Jesu            20-7     No one in the area hits harder than RS Meg Riley.
 3. Edwardsville     21-4      Still the only team to defeat Washington.
 4. Washington       27-1      Great match up at St. Joseph’s on October 18th.
 5. Eureka                21-2-2   Setting and hitting from Kaitlyn Early big for Cats.
 6. Marquette           17-5-3   First place in Suburban West on the line this week.
 7. Lafayette             17-7      Former MH Marilyn Dick loves her move to LS.
 8. Incarnate            16-8      Strong Chicago tourney preps team for Cor Jesu.
 9. Kirkwood            19-4-3  Get weekend wins over Howell and Howell Central.
10. Howell Central 19-3     Spartans control their destiny in the GAC South.

Teams to Watch:  Howell 20-8-2, Belleville East 16-9, Oakville 15-8-2,


  1. Mater Dei      26-1       Knights continue to roll with Abbey Winter at MH.
  2  Freeburg       18-4       Senior Chelsi Hummert leads the team in kills.
  3. Althoff             20-9       One of the hardest schedules of all Class 3 schools.     
  4. Villa                 21-5-1   Key wins over Class 4 schools move Saints up.
  5. Duchesne      11-6      Host Cor Jesu in big Monday test.
  6. Borgia             16-7-1   Step up time for all Knights after Katie Politte injury.
  7. Hermann        22-4-3   Shelby Winkelmann leads team vs Washington Monday.
  8. Whitfield         16-5       Warriors winning streak reaches 14 straight.
  9. DeSoto           20-1-2   Conference title showdown at St. Pius Monday.          
10. Westminster 13-7-1   Soph Erin Bognar leads Wildcats in kills.

Teams to Watch: Carlyle 19-3, St. Pius X 16-6-1, Windsor 14-5-3,
                           Waterloo 14-4, Principia 14-2, Bethalto 13-4-2,
                           Lutheran South 14-6-1, Orchard Farm 19-3-2, Triad 12-4

Rankings dated Monday, October 11, 2010.
Records are based on best information available on this date. 

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