Brett Favre needs to act quickly -

Brett Favre needs to act quickly

Brett Favre needs to do something and do it now, to make his "little problem" go away.  Favre is in danger of going down in history with Tiger Woods as one of sports' worst philanderers.
The website Deadspin showed photos that Favre alledgedly sent to Jenn Sterger, a fellow New York Jets employee. The pictures showed the private parts of somebody, whether it's actually Brett Favre or not, only Brett (and his wife) would know for sure.
Favre has not publicly denied sending the photos, which seems odd if he were innocent. Sterger has received a $50,000 offer from a gambling website to act as a consultant. She turned down the job, saying it wasn't right for her career.
None of this is good for Favre's career, or his reputation as a nice guy, not to mention one of the NFL's all time greatest quarterbacks. Favre needs to make this mess go away right now. If he has to pay off Jenn Sterger, then pay her off. Make her go away with a big, fat check.
If he just ignores it this won't go away for a long time and his reputation might be spoiled forever. Maybe it is already. But if he writes the check and gets her silence as part of the deal, chances are this little unfortunate episode will be largely forgotten in time, and Favre can take his place as one of America's favorite athletes ever.

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