Pine Lawn police chief still on staff after shooting accusations -

Pine Lawn police chief still on staff after shooting accusations

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

(KMOV) – Pine Lawn Police Chief Rickey Collins is being investigated by prosecutors after Collins was accused of shooting at a man who fled a seatbelt checkpoint.  

Sources say Collins was expected to be placed on paid administrative leave Monday night during a board of aldermen meeting, but neither the aldermen nor the public said a word about Chief Collins in the meeting.

The meeting lasted only about 20 minutes, and as of Monday night, Chief Collins is still on the job.

“Based on our understanding of the facts and under our determination, no on e in the Pine Lawn Police Department acted inappropriately or improperly,” says Lou Thimes Jr., Pine Lawn Spokesperson.

When asked if Pine Lawn will follow the protocol that other departments follow when an officer fired his or her weapon, Thimes said they will wait for results to determine how to move forward.

Sunday night, the chief said he watched a driver hit an officer at a seatbelt checkpoint on Friday, and then take off.


The chief said he shot at the suspect because he thought the man had a gun and that he feared for his life.

But no weapon was ever found.


Chief Collins’ shot missed, and the suspect was caught a short time later.


“I’m not sure [this incident] should cost him his job, but I would like to know what happened and was it appropriate,” says Alderwoman Nakisha Ford.

This incident isn’t the first time Chief Collins fired as a driver during a checkpoint. Four years ago in 2006, then Captain Collins hit a driver in the arm at a sobriety checkpoint.

In that case, he said he fired his gun accidentally.

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