St. Charles teacher gets $10,000 classroom makeover -

St. Charles teacher gets $10,000 classroom makeover

Karen Garsaa of Becky-David Elementary can't get over her new classroom.  Sky blue paint around the room, sofas, a couple of video fireplaces to give the place a warm, campout theme.

Garsaa is an educator and counselor.  Among the things she imparts to second-graders is how to keep from getting abducted or harmed by adults in any way.  She and hundreds of teachers across the country came up with their own, creative lesson plans that incorporate the following four points:

- checking with trusted adults before accepting gifts or rides or anything from people they don't know

- never go anywhere alone

- realize their body should not be touched and it's okay to say "no."

- tell a trusted adult if anyone makes them feel uncomfortable or confused

So Garsaa came up with a football-themed game to make her points with her students.  During "Super Goal" week they focused on a different rule each day.  It culminated in a Friday contest in which two teams went head-to-head to solve child safety problems.  They'd move 10 yards forward or 10 yards back depending on their answers.

Nice job and now Karen Garsaa and future teachers who get to work in that classroom will reap the benefits... So will the kids on several levels.

Garsaa is one of five teachers across the nation to receive the Grand Prize $10,000 classroom makeover from Honeywell.  Honeywell says hundreds of teachers submitted their lesson plans as part of this contest.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at

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