Organization marches to bring attention to youth suicides -

Organization marches to bring attention to youth suicides

(KMOV)— Hundreds of people walked through the Central West End Thursday night carrying candles to call attention to recent suicides among young people.

This started at Trinity Church in the Central West End where a support group for teens called Growing American Youth meets every week with young people who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or question their orientation.
Learn more about Growing American Youth here:
The group organized this demonstration after hearing reports about a New York college student who killed himself after secretly being videotaped have sex with another man and posted it to the internet:
Scott Emanuel, one of the organizers, said at least 300 attended tonight's walk through the Central West End. 
The group walked quietly along Euclid, to Kingshighway, to Washington, and back to the Trinity Church on Euclid.

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