Belleville: 3 scammed senior citizens prompt police warning -

Belleville: 3 scammed senior citizens prompt police warning

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(KMOV)--The Belleville Police Department has issued an announcement that fraudulent schemes are again being reported in the area.  

They are cautioning residents after 3 reports of senior citizens being scammed.
Two of the thefts were by suspects stating they were "Tree Service" employees who gained the resident's confidence and were allowed entry into the home. Once inside, cash was stolen.
The third theft was based on suspects calling the victim on the phone stating they would send a check to be cashed. The victim was instructed to keep a portion of the money and send the remaining amount to another location. The original check was later returned by the bank as fraudulent and the victim was held responsible for the total amount of the check.
The Belleville Police Department has warned citizens and is offering advice on way to protect from fraud.
They suggest not engage in any type of financial transactions with unknown individuals, or people you have not contacted for service.

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