Alderwoman hopes to change Lucas Parks reputation -

Alderwoman hopes to change Lucas Parks reputation

(KMOV) – Criminal activity at Lucas Park in downtown St. Louis has scared families away for years. But now a St. Louis alderwoman is working to bring those families back and reclaim the park.  

Part of the plan has already been in the works. The city has pumped $125,000 into the park in just three years.


They’ve added a dog park, new benches and playground equipment. And now Alderwoman Kaci Triplet will hold a free movie night at the park next Friday.

Not all residents are convinced that the plant to turn Lucas Park around will work.




The park has been a nuisance for awhile. For years the homeless have camped out on the benches in Lucas Park. In 2008, police were called to break up several assaults. In 2009, officers rushed to the scene to investigate shots being fired.

But crime numbers are going down and police have kept a close eye on the area.

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