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Wet concrete from overpass causes trouble for drivers

(KMOV) – News 4 continues to hear from drivers who had an unexpected surprise driving on I-64 in the Metro East Tuesday.

A trucking company saw our story on News 4 and KMOV.com Tuesday and sent us the latest photos of damage.

Gobs of wet concrete fell from an overpass that is about to be demolished, splattering hoods, windshields and roofs.

Keeley and Sons Construction is taking down the 15th street bridge this weekend.  A spokesperson says a subcontractor cutting the bridge deck 'made a mistake' and cut too deeply into the concrete.

Marlin Dotson had his Chevy Lumina splattered.  He tells News 4 he's glad he didn't wreck as he was driving to Lambert Airport with his mother.


Dotson was one of at least four drivers who couldn't avoid the falling material.


Keeley and Sons Construction says it will work with anyone who received damage.

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