St. Louis woman hit with e-mail scam -

St. Louis woman hit with e-mail scam

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By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs
(KMOV)--A worldwide email scam hit a St. Louis woman. 
Judy Lewin’s entire online address book received an email supposedly sent by her, saying she’s in North Wales, England and needs money to get home.
Lewin was at work when the email was sent and was not outside the country.
The scam intends to trick the victim’s e-mail contacts into sending money to help them.
The e-mail looks authentic, but information including Judy’s phone number is wrong.
Dan Rechtien with the Circuit Attorney’s Office says scams like this one are happening more and more. Rechtien advises the public to be careful if a similar email is received. He suggests to check and see where the “sender” is and know almost all requests to send money outside the country is a scam.

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