Family members call cops on loved one -

Family members call cops on loved one

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(KMOV)-- Maybe it's the economy, but something is creating stress among families and causing a spike in crimes against relatives. Looking over the most recent stack of crime reports from the Chesterfield Police Department shows an unusual uptick in the number of offenses that were committed against someone in the suspect's own family. And what might be even more interesting, is that family member called the cops on their loved ones. Take a look at this list of alleged crimes.

A 21 year old female was arrested and charged with assaulting her spouse.

A mother called police and reported that her 14 year old son stole her IPOD.

A 43 year old woman is suspected of making threatening calls to her sister.

And a dad called the cops to file a police report, saying his 16 year old daughter assaulted him.

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