Corruption investigation into Jennings Police Department winds down -

Corruption investigation into Jennings Police Department winds down

(KMOV) -- There's a a cloud of suspicion over the Jennings Police Department these days. The Missouri Highway Patrol and FBI are investigating whether several officers falsified documents to receive tens of thousands of dollars in overtime that they didn't earn.

At issue is a federal program that provides grants to police departments to reimburse for the overtime of officers who work late night sobriety checkpoints. Jennings Police Chief Robert Orr confirms that a lieutenant and three officers are suspected of submitting documents to receive overtime pay for sobriety check points that were never held.

After Chief Orr retires at the end of October, a captain with the St. Louis County Police Department will serve as the interim police chief. That captain will also lead a top down review of operations at the police department. But Mayor Benjamin Sutphin refutes rumors that St. Louis County will be taking over the Jennings police Department. He says he wants Jennings officers to continue to patrol Jennings streets but that it's necessary for someone outside his department to come in to be able to do an unbiased review of the police department.

The mayor says the investigation began in June and appears to be winding down. He expects to hear results of the investigation in the next week or two.

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