Don't Blame The BCS -

Don't Blame The BCS

I don't blame the BCS for the mess the Big XII has gotten themselves into. The BCS is doing its job this year. It is setting up the SEC Champion to play the Big XII Champion for the National Championship. That is the correct finish. Both of those conferences have the best teams and their champions should be playing each other for the national title. Where it got all screwed up was because of the powers that be at the Big XII.

How can you have the BCS Rankings determine who is playing for your conference championship. The BCS asks one question and that is who is your conference champion? They then take everyone's conference champions and a few at large teams and place them in the elite bowls. The BCS Rankings don't really mean anything until the end of the season. Thus they are an incomplete ranking system until the season is over. Unfortunately the Big XII doesn't get that. They hid behind the BCS instead of just making a decision.

It really isn't fair to Texas or Texas Tech that they won't get a shot at the conference championship. There are two easy ways to fix this though. First you don't have divisions and the top 2 records play each other for the championship. That would mean Missouri wouldn't have had a shot this year. The second way is having a true tiebreaker based on strength of schedule. If you are Oklahoma and scheduled a little better than Texas you should be rewarded for that. Or if you are Texas Tech and you don't schedule tough enough you are punished.

Those certainly aren't innovative ideas but they are real answers to the problem. The one idea I heard this week that I really liked was from Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach who suggested that the final tiebreaker be graduation rates. I'll let you guess who would win that one.

College football just needs to get a playoff system and stop this madness. I don't think I will ever see it in my lifetime though.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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