Down On The Greene Trade -

Down On The Greene Trade

The deal has not quite yet been completed between the Cardinals and Padres but as soon as the physicals are passed Khalil Greene will become the opening day shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals. I know the Cardinals didn't give up much (reportedly 2 minor-league pitchers) but paying $6.5 Million dollars this year to a shortstop who hit .213 last season with 10 HR and 35 RBI's does not seem like a good addition to this team.

I know the Cardinals are hoping that Greene reverts to 2007 form when he hit .254 with 27 HR and 97 RBI but the reality is his career has been nowhere near that good. He is most likely a guy who hits about .250 15 HR 60 RBI. If that is what 6.5 million is buying you at shortstop these days the Cardinals have a problem.

In watching Greene during his career he has always appeared to me as aloof on the field and I fear that we might have another Adam Kennedy type player on our hands for the 2009 season. Clearly the Cardinals can't afford to have a starter who is like that becuase their talent level just isn't good enough to not play hard every night.

In the list of moves this offseason this one is by far the worst thus far. Kyle Lohse made sense. Trever Miller made sense. Khalil Greene doesn't make a lot of sense to me right now. I will say though I wasn't high on the Cesar Izturis signing last year and that worked out decently. Let's hope I am wrong about this one.

One other note brought up by friend of the sports department John Cova. The last time the Cardinals traded for a shortstop from the Padres it worked out pretty well. I don't think Khalil Greene will be going to the Hall of Fame anytime soon but maybe he can become the phenom he was expected to be while here in St. Louis.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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