Greene trade makes sense to me -

Greene trade makes sense to me

I think the Cardinals trade for Khalil Greene makes a lot of sense. While it's true that Greene had a miserable year in 2008 hitting just .213, and missed a couple of months after breaking his hand in a stupid temper tantrum, he's just the kind of guy the Cardinals have had success with in the past. He's the classic case of a veteran player needing a change of scenary. Greene hit 27 homers and drove in 97 runs in 2007. Those are the numbers of a middle of the order hitter. Now he may never duplicate that season again, but he's always hit with pretty good power and should be better off hitting at Busch Stadium than spacious Petco Park. Greene is also solid defensively at short. He's in the final year of his contract, so he'll have no shortage of motivation to put together a big season. Giving up two minor league pitchers for an everyday shortstop with all-star potential seems like a good risk for the Cardinals. I like the move. If Greene gets motivated, I think it could turn into a teriffic trade, maybe as good as the deal for Troy Glaus last year

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