Maclin Making The Right Decision -

Maclin Making The Right Decision

Today Mizzou's All-American wide receiver extraordinaire Jeremy Maclin announced he'll enter the NFL draft. Though many Tiger fans are probably sad to see him go, and would like to see Maclin light it up in 2009; it's the right move at the right time.

Maclin has already produced a dazzling resume in Columbia over the past two years. He played havoc on opposing defenses and special teams units. Racking up over 3,500
all-purpose yards and scoring 30 touchdowns in a trio of ways (receiving, rushing and return).

There's no doubt he will go down as one of the best ever to put on the black and gold. You can't blame anyone for wanting one more year of college, but the risk is too great. Maclin said in his press conference that the possibility of suffering a career-ending injury affected his decision not to return. And he certainly has a rock-solid reason. The summer before his freshman in 2006, his season was erased when he blew out his knee during pre-season workouts.

In this day of the micro-managed NFL draft, Maclin can't take any chances. We now are in a sports world where every minute of projected first-rounders is documented. They're put under a microscope and analyzed, and re-analyzed to try to find any weakness or reason teams shouldn't give them the big bucks.

Also, Maclin's NFL stock is hot right now. He had a solid season, his team won a bowl game to finish the year and he's projected as a top-10 pick in the first round by most draft boards.

Maclin fought back tears during his announcement. Jeremy, there's no reason to be sad buddy; you just hit the lottery. Congrats and good luck.

-Todd Schumacher
News-4 Sports


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