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With Davidson And The Blues: Believe The Talk

In this day in age, interviews and quotes a lot of times are just hallow words and "coach speak." Boring rehearsed statements that reveal and guarantee nothing. That's not the case with Blues President John Davidson.

I heard an interview on the radio this past weekend with Davidson, and it reconfirmed to me (not that I had any doubt) this is the right guy to be the face of the Blues organization. JD is one of the best interviews, because he talks just like if you were hanging out with him at a sports bar or in your living room. He calls it like he sees it. If the team performs poorly, he says it. He doesn't dance around a question, he gives you his honest response.

When Davidson says he'll bring a Stanley Cup to St. Louis soon, believe him. He's already shown he's putting the building blocks in place since he took over as president. I'll use three recently acquired/drafted players as examples.

1) Center T.J. Oshie,
2) Winger Cam Janssen
3) Goalie Ben Bishop.

Oshie is like the now-retired Theo Fluery. Not big but fast, isn't afraid to mix it up and works hard every second he's on the ice.

Cam Janssen is a St. Louis native that gets under the skin of opponents (which is great to see in a finesse-heavy league) and is hard-nosed worker committed to his role.

Bishop, another St. Louis guy, will one day occupy the Blues net for many seasons. He's tall, which in this day of reduced goalie pad size, fills a lot of the net. Plus, he's cool under fire. In his first NHL start he almost recorded a shutout. How many rookies, in any sport, can do that well? Not to mention it was in front of his hometown crowd. That's a guy who displays composure in high-pressure situations.

Oshie, Janssen and Bishop represent parts that any successful playoff team or Cup winner has had and/or has to have.

- No team wins without solid goaltending.

- Even in a league that emphasizes goal scoring, in the playoffs you have to have an enforcer. Especially over a five or seven game series. You want a guy, like Janssen, that grates on that opponent, and has them thinking more about him than their job on the ice.

- You need some elusive forwards that always find the net and make opponents take note of where they are at all times.

If you look at Detroit, they have those elements. That's why they'll probably hoist another cup this summer. The other part they have are smart execs calling the shots in the front office. That's what Davidson is.

So, be patient Blues fans. It's not going to happen this season, but the playoffs will return to St. Louis and maybe in the not-to-distant future; the Cup will follow.

-Todd Schumacher
News 4 Sports

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