Khalil Greene checks in at Spring Training -

Khalil Greene checks in at Spring Training

The Cardinals new shortstop, Khalil Greene, checked into camp today and put on the Redbirds uniform for the first time. Greene is extremely soft spoken and didn't want to do any television interviews today. He says the experience of coming to a new team, after spending the first five years of his career with the Padres, is a little overwhelming right now. He said he thought he'd start doing tv interviews tomorrow.

I'm guessing he won't be one of our "go to" guys for interviews this season. The go-to guys are those players we can almost always count on to be willing to do interviews. Ryan Ludwick is a go-to guy, Skip Schumaker and Brendan Ryan. Aaron Miles was a great go-to guy, but he's gone now to the Cubs.

Some of the pitchers are very good about talking, but usually only about games they appeared it. The go-to guys are very important for the TV reporters. It's much easier for the print reporters to have a brief conversation with a player and get helpful information they can use.

It's a lot harder to get some players to agree to do a TV interview, so we're always hoping the Cardinals acquire position players who can be go-to guys.

Khalil Greene may be an upgrade for the Cardinals at shorstop, but I doubt he'll be an upgrade over Aaron Miles in the go-to department.

Former Cardinals Larry Walker and Dennis Eckersley were in camp today. They're two of Tony La Russa's favorite ex-players. Walker put on a uniform and helped out the assistant coaches with practice.

Walker looks like he could still play, but having earned more than 100 million dollars during his career, he probably doesn't need the money... even in this difficult economy.

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