Joel Pineiro's hoppin' mad -

Joel Pineiro's hoppin' mad

Cardinals pitcher Joel Pineiro just came out of the clubhouse to make a statement to the media here in Jupiter. Pineiro says he's very upset that he won't be able to pitch for Puerto Rico in the upcoming World Baseball Classic. The manager of the Puerto Rican team is Cardinals coach Jose Oquendo, and Oquendo told Pineiro that he wouldn't be one of the starting pitchers during the WBC. Pineiro says he feels disrespected and hurt by the snub. He says he's been one of only two Puerto Rican pitchers (Javier Vasquez the other) who have been consistent starters in the major leagues over the past few seasons. Oquendo wanted to use Pineiro as a reliever, but Pineiro says he's not interested in that. He says everyone knows he's a starter, and he thinks working as a reliever in the WBC might conflict with his preparation as a starter with the Cardinals. Pineiro had planned to bring his family to the U.S. for the World Baseball Classic, and was looking forward to representing his country. He also said maybe this snub will provide him added motivation to have a good season with the Cardinals. Oquendo said the move was not personal, he just feels that there are better Puerto Rican pitchers to use in the World Baseball Classic.

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