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Spring Training blog: Meeting Hal McRae

The Cardinals had no game today which I thought meant a day at the beach. The forecast called for mostly sunny skies with temperatures in the high 70s. Well, when I went outside this morning it was overcast, raining and the temperatures were in the 50s. The beach didn't happen. After shopping for souvenirs for my wife and kids I went back to the hotel to get a workout in. I walked into the exercise room, got on the elliptical and then realized next to me was Cardinals' hitting coach Hal McRae. For a guy in his early 60s he was moving at a serious clip. I said hello to the coach, we exchanged pleasantries and then went on with our workouts. After he finished his and I was winding mine down we began talking about yesterday's game against the Mets and how spring training was going. He also told me his son, former major leaguer Brian McRae, is doing well and currently coaching baseball to teens. Meeting McRae was ironic because my dad Sam saw the coach at breakfast and wanted say hello then but didn't want to disturb him while he was eating. I asked McRae if he'd mind meeting my dad and he was more than obliging. The two had a nice conversation, mostly about the 85' series. This really made my dad's day. It doesn't matter how old you are, my dad is 75, meeting and talking to a great like Hal McRae makes you feel like a kid again.

-Terry Cancila, News 4

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