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Where's Ryan Ludwick !?!?

What is Tony La Russa doing now? Why won't he play Ryan Ludwick every day? Is there any logical reason why you wouldn't play an all-star outfielder, a silver slugger award winner, and a solid defensive outfielder? Ludwick is clearly the second best hitter on the team. When La Russa makes out his line-up each day he should start with Albert Pujols 3rd, Ryan Ludwick 4th, and then fill out the rest of the card from there. Ludwick needs to play every day. Not three out of five days, or four out of five days. He needs to play every day. He gives the Cardinals the best chance to win. La Russa's decision last night to pinch hit Brendan Ryan in the 9th inning with the bases loaded and one out, rather than Ludwick, is absolutely inexcusable. Don't you know in the Arizona dugout they were saying "oh no, here comes Ludwick... wait a minute, what's La Russa.. Brendan Ryan's going to bat instead? You've got to be kidding. He's actually going to do that? All right, thank you Tony! Thank you very much!"

It seems to me that La Russa is being awfully kind to the opposition when he puts an all-star outfielder on the bench, who hit 37 homeruns last year, and is currently hitting over .400 with a 17 game hitting streak. Maybe La Russa's been right all this time... he's the only one who knows baseball and the rest of us are just idiots. We just don't get it. Count me among those who don't understand a lot of things he does. I think Ryan Ludwick would be in that group, also.

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