Chase Daniel's tweet gets him in hot water -

Chase Daniel's tweet gets him in hot water

It's no surprise that everyone from players to commentators were using Twitter, sending out short message tweets during the NFL draft this weekend. Sunday night, those tweets actually started making news and for Chase Daniel - an unexpected headache.

Former Mizzou quarterbacks Chase Daniel and Chase Patton were firing off tweets, keeping their followers posted on post-draft developments.

Chase Patton was online in Seattle where he revealed through his Twitter feed that Chicago was showing interest in his services.

Chase Daniel broke the news and sparked a rukus when he tweeted from his home in Texas, "Hearing Redskins possibly! Who knows! Free agent might be better!!"

An hour later he tweeted, "Washington Redskins it is!"

Moments later a broadcaster in Washington, D. C. fired back (that sounds better than tweeted back) charging that Daniel preferred free agency over playing for the Redskins.

In a twitter tirade that followed - Daniel made the case that he was excited to play in Washington, that a deal was in the works before the draft ended and his tweet really meant that a free agency deal with Washington would be better than getting picked in the seventh round of the draft.

The broadcaster wasn't buying Daniel's story and tweeted back a challenge for Daniel to come on his radio show and set the record straight. Stay tuned.

So on a night when Chase Daniel should be celebrating one of the biggest days of his career, he is engaged in a Twitter smackdown with the media. Welcome to the NFL Chase... be careful what you tweet.

Here is the link to Chase Daniel's Twitter feed:

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