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Let the Quarterback Controversy Begin

The inevitable is about to get into full swing in St. Louis. Marc Bulger is hurt. Kyle Boller steps in and throws 2 touchdowns in one game. In Bulger's previous two starts the Rams offense managed to dent the end zone only once. The stage is set. A full fledged quarterback controversy should rage all week.

Marc Bulger has been under fire for the last several years. Bulger Bashers have been waiting for another alternative; enter Kyle Boller. I guess I don't see myself getting very excited about this debate one way or the other. In fact I think it will probably bore me before long.

Here's why. Bulger is in decline and Boller has nothing in his past to suggest he'll be any more than pedestrian.

Bulger has a decent track record. You don't have to go that far back to find some pretty good stats. In 2006 Bulger started all 16 games, completing nearly 63 percent of is passes for 43 hundred yards. He threw 24 TD's against only 8 picks for a 92.9% rating. Not bad. The two years prior to that he had similar numbers in partial seasons.

During that same time he took a tremendous beating. From 2003 through 2008 Bulger was sacked 228 times.. an average of 3.5 sacks per game. Gone are playmakers like Bruce and Holt. It is not surprising to see the decline in Bulger's stats when you consider those two factors.

Boller did not play a single down in 2008. He managed an impression 104% rating in 2006. But if you look deeper to see that was in only 5 games.. all in reserve. His best rating besides that is 75%. For his career he has thrown only one more touchdown than interceptions.

Bulger has shown he can get it done with skill players around him and time to throw. I don't think he has enough of either of those now.
Boller adds some scrambling ability, but his passing accuracy is not up to snuff.

It's tough to get excited about either guy. As the Rams rebuild they will have to invest a high pick on a franchise QB.

Brian Barthold

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