Vince Coleman -

Vince Coleman

Did you get a chance to see the Vince Coleman interview during the Cardinals game Friday night? It was very entertaining.

It reminds me of how exciting the Cardinals of the 80's were. Vince, Ozzie & Willie running wild on the bases. Jack the Ripper driving in runs. Terry Pendleton putting up several nice seasons.

It also reminds me of how the game as changed. In his first three seasons in the major league Coleman stole 100+ bases. And there was maybe one guy on the Red Birds with 30 or more home runs. Home runs are great. They electrify the crowd immediately. But there is something to be said for the excitement that grows when the runner reaches first and everyone in the park knows he's going to steal. And no matter what the defense tries, he steals the base anyway. In St. Louis we have been blessed to see two of the best with Lou Brock and then again with Coleman.

Right now Albert Pujols leads the Cards in stolen bases with 16.

I for one would love to see the Cardinals develop another great base stealer. I don't want to go return completely to small ball. But I think there is a place in the game for a little of both. Plus a new generation of fans could learn the joys of watching a seemingly forgotten and very exciting part of Cardinal baseball.

Brian Barthold

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