Doug in LA: Cardinal Playoff Update 1 -

Doug in LA: Cardinal Playoff Update 1

Cardinal fans: I've been to a lot of Cardinals post-season games in my career and I've never seen such a low turnout of Cardinal fans. Usually a group of Cardinal fans follow the team on the road, but there are hardly any Cards fans in LA. Yesterday's game was not sold out and today's isn't either, so it's not as if tickets aren't available. Overall, I'm disappointed at the Cardinal fan turnout.

Star sightings: As I was waiting to go into locker room after yesterday's game, I saw a few celebrities. Rob Reiner, Robert Wuhl, Mary Hart, Don Johnson, and Scott Bacula were at the game last night.

Pitchers: I talked to Cardinal Brendan Ryan after the game and asked if it was deflating to lose to the Dodgers with pitching ace Chris Carpenter on mound. Ryan said, that it wasn't a devastating loss because the Cardinals have 2 aces, Carpenter and Adam Wainwright are considered aces.Wainwright pitches against the Dodgers' 21-year-old Clayton Kershaw tonight. Kershaw said that he is nervous about the game tonight, so the Cards have that to hang their hats on.

Stats: The teams set a Major League post-season record last. They left a combined number of 30 runners on base. Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday, had 9 plate appearances in last night's game but only got the ball out of the infield once.

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