Calvin Klein ad too sexy -

Calvin Klein ad too sexy

A Calvin Klein jeans ad in New York is causing quite a stir. The ad is of a girl in a semi-nude threesome on a couch with another guy undressing on the floor.

I know sex sells but come on! When does it cross the line from selling the product to just advertising sex? It definitely doesn't make me look at the ad and think "Man those sure are some nice jeans they're wearing."

Usually I don't have an opinion about ads like this, but this one just looks too raunchy. The fact that it is out on the streets where kids can see it bothers me. Have you seen kids these days? They are growing up too fast. A lot of young girls wear too much makeup and dress older now.

I definitely want to know what you think. Does it cross the line? Comment below.

Take a look at the ad

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