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OH NO!! "Octomom! The Musical"

Just when we thought we were done hearing about Octomom, she pops her head out AGAIN!! This time her life was turned into a musical. "Octomom! The Musical" opened in Los Angeles this month.

This chick can't get a reality show in the U.S. but she can get a musical named after her. Geez! What's next, Octomom the movie!!

The director of the musical told CBS News that the musical tackles the hot topic of America's need for fame and fortune. There are other greedy characters, besides Octomom, in the musical. Bernie Madoff makes an appearance. This makes the musical sound hilarious to me.

The director also told CBS News that they are saving seats at every show for the real Octomom. Even though the musical mocks her, I'm sure she will make an appearance. I bet she's itching to be on another magazine cover!

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