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Rams-Cardinals notes

Joe Vitt has taken a practical approach to most of the Rams shortcomings and more of the same this week. He started Wednesdays practice by running some red-zone offense. The Rams don't normally work on that until Friday. He has also said the team needs to get Steven Jackson the ball with his shoulders square more often. That is, more handoffs between the tackles where he can square up and use his size to punish tacklers.

Kurt Warner will have a lot of fans cheering for him Sunday. The Rams players are respectful of that but they can't afford to be sentimental. The Rams would be crazy not to blitz Warner. He's not the same passer if he can't get his feet set in the pocket. Of course, you could say that about most quarterbacks. But, the Rams blitzed often in the first half of the week two game in Tempe and Warner fumbled three times and threw an interception. The Rams backed off the blitz in the second half and Warner feasted and almost led the Cardinals to a come from behind win.

It’s bad news when a veteran gives a Sports Illustrated writer the kind of quote that one Ram did this week. Ripping teammates in the media is taboo in team sports. Besides, Ryan Pickett should be excused from that scrutiny. He's played very well. He's on pace for 120 tackles and that's impressive for nose tackle. Tyoka Jackson said it best, “The film doesn't lie.” Pickett has been arguably the best defensive player the rams have.

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