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Rams-49ers wrap

Not only is Monster Park the dump of the NFL, it also brings out the worst in the Rams. Sunday, a very winnable game got away. It's already clear that Scott Linehan is tiring of answering questions about his offense. I will say this---he was on the money with a point he made Monday. The Rams had lots of problems offensively and otherwise in 2005. That's why he's here. The Rams offense was 19th in red zone production and 21st in third down efficiency last season. So we really shouldn't be alarmed by the early season struggles in both those categories. That said, the Rams passing game troubles have been disappointing. If you had told me three weeks ago that the Rams would commit only one turnover in two games and Steven Jackson would have back to back 100 yard games, I'd have bet my last dollar the Rams would be 2-0. It's a fine line in the NFL. By the way, I don't understand some of the grumbling about Steven. He's playing very well.

We're getting a glimpse of the future right now at center. Richie Incognito could be the fixture there for years to come. The Rams love how physical and tough he is. Adam Timmerman and Orlando Pace aren't getting any younger. I'd love to see the Rams concentrate exclusively on the offensive and defensive lines in free agency and next spring's draft.

The Rams defense will, on occasion, give up big plays like it did Sunday to the 49ers. Two reasons for this: it's an undersized defense that can get worn down and guys like O.J. Atogwe and Jimmy Kennedy are getting used to new positions. The alarming stat from Sunday---no sacks. That's unacceptable given the fact that the 49ers were missing both the left guard and left tackle. Give the 49ers credit for keeping extra bodies in to block but the Rams needed to put Alex Smith on the ground and they failed in that area.

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