Field Notes 2/5 -

Field Notes 2/5

KUDOS TO BERNIE MIKLASZ FOR HELPING ROGER WEHRLI GAIN LONG OVERDUE INDUCTION TO THE HALL OF FAME. Jack Buck helped Dan Dierdorf and clearly Bernie's lobbying helped Roger. The most compelling part of Bernie's presentation had to be the testimonials by Hall of Famers Roger Staubach and Sonny Jurgensen. Staubach calling Wehrli the best corner he ever faced had to register with the voters. Also, both quarterbacks confirmed that they stopped throwing to Wehrli's side. Wehrli says he'll have mentor Larry Wilson present him for induction. I would love to be on hand for that.

TURNS OUT THE COLTS DIDN'T NEED ADAM VINATIERI TO WIN THE SUPER BOWL IN THE FINAL MINUTE. I was shocked by how many people thought the Bears would win big. Our Rams Radio broadcast team member D'marco Farr was one of them. I thought the Bears had a chance but never did I think they'd dominate the Colts. Indy's offense is much more physical than most think. That offensive line has been great for several years. I'm not shocked that the Colts ran for 191 yards. When I saw them shove the ball down the Ravens' throats in the fourth quarter of that playoff game, I was impressed.

THE REX GROSSMAN CONTROVERSY WILL RAGE ALL OFF SEASON IN CHICAGO. I think the Bears have to seriously consider giving Grossman some competition at camp. Or consider making a move--especially if the Eagles and Donovan McNabb are going to go seperate ways. It's not that Grossman doesn't have the skill. But, his judgement is shaky at best and it killed the Bears in this game.

I'M NOW READY TO ADMIT THAT HAVING BOB SANDERS BACK FROM INJURY DID MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE FOR INDY'S DEFENSE. The guy was awesome against the Bears. When he came out of Iowa, a lot of people dismissed him because of size. When are scouts going to wise up and believe what they see on film? Who cares what a guy looks like in his underwear at the combine or how tall he is. If he is a dominant player at a major university, he's a player. Teams that find hard hitting turnover prone safeties succeed. The Steelers improved immensely after drafting Troy Polamalu. The Ravens are nasty in large part to the play of Ed Reed. The Colts defense just did the most amazing about face I've ever seen. From totally unable to stop the run in the regular season to very physical in the post season. Sanders isn't the only reason but he deserves a big chunk of the credit.

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