Field Notes 2/27 -

Field Notes 2/27

ADAM TIMMERMAN GAVE THE RAMS EIGHT GOOD YEARS, ON AND OFF THE FIELD. He and wife Jana dove head first into the community. They'll be missed by a lot of people in these parts including Jim Hanifan, Adam's former offensive line coach. In fact, it was Hanny that persuaded Adam to sign here as a free agent before the 1999 season. He was coming off back to back Super Bowl appearances with the Packers and had more than a couple teams pursuing him. When he went back to Green Bay and told his Packers teammates that he chose St. Louis, they thought he was crazy. Remember, the Rams were coming off back to back 5-11 and 4-12 seasons under Dick Vermeil. And, the Rams offense was awful in 1998. But, Adam said he was sold on playing for Hanny who had picked him up at the airport and showed him the town on his free agent visit here. And, Hanny will give Adam a large share of the credit for the turnaround in '99. According to Hanny, the Rams were able to end that 17 game losing skid to the 49ers, in part, because Timmerman could handle all-pro defensive lineman Bryant Young by himself. Young was a beast back then, a very disruptive player who drew frequent double teams. But, as Hanny says, Adam could routinely "x-out" Young and limit his damage. Hanny stops short of calling Adam a "great" player in his years here. But, he does call him a "very good" NFL player. And, he valued the leadership he showed on the o-line and the in the locker room.

SEEMS TO ME THE BLUES BRASS DID A DECENT JOB OF GETTING SOME POTENTIAL VALUE IN THE DEALS AT THE TRADE DEADLINE. I know this: it was a much better haul than last year's trades brought. The Bill Laurie regime was slashing salary just to slash it. But, time will tell how well the Blues have done in attempting to rebuild the roster. Rather than go on myself about it, I'll defer to a Blues insider. Please check out my interview with Blues radio play-by-play man Chris Kerber. He offers a realistic take on what the Blues have done at the deadline. You can click on that video on our sports webpage.

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