***With SLU fighting just to get an NIT bid, imagine how much better they'd be if Blake Ahearn were in the Bills' backcourt. SLU would be an NCAA tourney team with his leadership, decision making and free throw shooting.

***The most overlooked prep team in the area--the Nashville boys hoops team. 33-0 heading into the elite 8 and ranked number one in Class A. (okay so "area" is a little bit of a stretch but Nashville IS in our viewing area). The Hornets won their super sectional game by 30 points.

***I'm dying to see what Chris Duncan's numbers will be if he ever gets 500 at bats. Sacrificing a little defense will be worth the added power. If Jim Edmonds can stay healthy (okay so I'm an optimist) the Cardinals line up could be a nightmare to pitch to.

***Are the Seattle Seahawks planning on lining up four defensive ends this season? They add Patrick Kerney(six years, 39 million) to Grant Wistrom, Bryce Fisher and Darryl Tapp. That's a lot of money at one position.

***Nothing wrong with admitting a mistake and it's time for SLU to correct its error. Ditch the Atlantic Ten and saddle up in the Missouri Valley. We've been beating that dead horse for a couple of months in the sports department. Nobody here has any interest in seeing Fordham, St. Bonaventure or Duquesne. .

***I'm ready for Tiger to start playing more PGA events. And, I want to see Tiger and Phil competing more often. That could be the new Jack and Arnie rivalry.

***Matt Turk on the free agent market? Are the Rams going to have to start all over again at punter? Will the Rams special teams ever get better? Anybody have Frank Gansz' number? Pay him whatever he wants.

***Enough with all the poker on t-v. Are we that hard up for entertainment in America that we need poker on seven different channels at one time? I like poker but enough is enough. As much as I love golf, I wouldn't expect to see it on seven channels at the same time.

***Memo to NHL owners: dump Gary Bettman. What are you waiting on? The national weeknight games are buried on Versus. The highlights are buried on ESPN's Sportscenter. The game stories are buried on the back pages of the USA Today. Great game, lousy commissioner. Wake up.

***Having the Calgary Flames in town this week made me realize I forgot to include Craig Conroy on my list of favorite interviews. In a league made up mostly of down to earth, approachable guys, Craig was among the best to deal with. He should have made my honorable mention list if not a slot in my top ten.

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