ANOTHER YEAR, ANOTHER HALF DOZEN TEAMS SCREAMING ABOUT LACK OF RESPECT. Sure, Missouri State has a beef but I think the Bears had a better case last year. MSU went 0-5 against the top two teams in the Valley, SIU and Creighton. And Creighton beat the Bears by 17 in the Valley Tournament. Teams on the bubble heading into conference tournaments need to make a run or suffer exclusion on selection Sunday. I think Drexel has the biggest beef with the NCAA committee. But the Dragons lost in their conference semis. So, there you go.

THE POINT VALLEY COMMISSIONER DOUG ELGIN MAKES ABOUT THE RPI IS LEGIT. If it really doesn't matter at NCAA tourney time, why is so much time spent talking about it in the regular season? Let's cut back on RPI talk next year, shall we?

KUDOS TO THE COMMITTEE FOR PUTTING ILLINOIS AND SIU BOTH IN COLUMBUS THE FIRST WEEKEND. The possibility of Bruce Weber coaching against his former team is intriguing.

AS EXCITING AS THE TOURNAMENT IS EVERY YEAR, IT'S ALSO A NO WIN FOR US. Over the next two weeks, I will field more irate email, more angry phone calls, more threatening letters than I will the rest of the calendar year. I understand it can be frustrating not to see your team play. But, please show some restraint in lodging your complaints. Those who do usually get a sincere response. Those who cross the line of civility usually don't. But, after decades of carrying the tournament, it should be obvious that CBS makes 95 percent of the decisions regarding coverage. For example, when one game is out of hand and we go to another game, that's a CBS decision. The network pays billions for the broadcast rights, so they make the decisions. Can that really be that hard to comprehend? We're happy to pass along complaints--and we do...but nothing has changed. CBS calls most of the shots. We (KMOV)have of course chosen to show SIU and Illinois games in their entirety. That's a decision we can make. But, still there will be the odd fan hammering me or us for choosing the Salukis or Illini instead of, say, Kansas or Kentucky or Arkansas. C'mon, folks. You're smarter than that. Common sense dictates that. It would be like questioning why the Rams are shown in this market every Sunday. I hope you get all the games you're wanting or at least most of them. If you have beefs, I'd be happy to answer your protests--if they're reasonable.

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