ROGER GOODELL HAS DONE WHAT BUD SELIG DOESN'T HAVE THE GUTS (OR THE OWNERS' BLESSING) TO DO. By suspending Pacman Jones for a year and Chris Henry for eight games, he's let the players know that the inmates aren't running the asylum. The shame of it is that the Tennessee Titans didn't have the guts to do it first. Jones' conduct has landed him in the middle of ten different police inquiries. C'mon, Jeff Fisher(Titans Head Coach). You've sacrificed integrity because Jones is a top talent. I couldn't agree more with Goodell saying it's a right, not a privilege, to play in the NFL. If players don't understand the need to properly represent the organizations that are paying them millions, then they shouldn't have the right to earn those millions. Period. Chris Henry got off light. He was arrested four times in a 14 month span. He could have been hit with a season long suspension as well. And, while Goodell is at it, he may want to bring in the entire Cincinnati Bengals front office and coaching staff and lecture them about the need to start drafting and signing some guys with character. Nine different Bengals have been arrested in the past nine months.

ON THE SUBJECT OF BAD BEHAVIOR, I HOPE SCOTT LINEHAN HAS OR WILL HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH DOMINIQUE BYRD. If nothing else, the coach should explain how stupid it was for Byrd to get picked up for DUI in California while he's awaiting trial on assault charges. Byrd will get his day in court in the assault case and it should be noted he's not been convicted of anything and may not be. But, if you are facing a criminal trial, wouldn't you go out of your way to stay out of the police blotter? I've found Dominique to be an engaging, decent guy in my dealings with him. I hope he figures things out. He has some major receiving skills but he's in no position to keep pushing the envelope.

THE BLUES ABSCENCE FROM THE NHL PLAYOFFS FOR A SECOND STRAIGHT YEAR IS A MAJOR LETDOWN. Not a surprise but a letdown nonetheless. Playoff hockey is tough to beat. Last year's Edmonton-Detroit series was awesome. The Oilers run through the West and into the Stanley Cup Finals was worth watching. You can have the NBA playoffs. I much prefer the NHL.

PARKWAY WEST QUARTERBACK BLAINE GABBERT IS CONSIDERED BY SOME TO BE THE TOP Q-B PROSPECT IN THE COUNTRY. Here's a guy Gary Pinkel needs to land. High school recruiting guru Danny Heitert(STC Grid Report) tells me Gabbert would be perfect in Mizzou's spread offense. Heitert likes Gabbert's running ability in addition to his size(6'5") and arm strength. The timing would be perfect for Gabbert. Chase Daniel has two more years left in Columbia. Gabbert could either redshirt or play a back up role as a freshman and then have three or four years of eligibility remaining. Heitert told me in February that Gabbert was seriously considering Mizzou. Pinkel lost out on Columbia Rock Bridge QB Logan Gray this year. He went to Georgia in part because Daniel is entrenched as the QB. The timing for Gabbert is better. By the way, ESPNU is considering televising the Parkway West-Parkway North game next fall because of Gabbert's status as an elite QB recruit..

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