Cardinal Tragedy -

Cardinal Tragedy

I was prepared to do today's blog on the NFL draft and maybe even the Rick Majerus hire. But, a tragedy dwarfs the importance of those events. Once again, the Cardinals are dealing with the death of a player. Josh Hancock was killed early this morning when his auto slammed into the back of a parked tow truck that was assisting another motorist. The accident occurred on westbound 40 at midtown. The driver of the tow truck told police that he had his emergency lights on and began honking as he saw Hancock's auto approaching but it never slowed down. The driver of the tow truck was not hurt.

The Cardinals and Major League Baseball are doing the right thing in cancelling tonight's game. No way would any Cardinal's heart be in it. I wonder if they'll be ready to play tomorrow night at Milwaukee. Fair question.

Hancock was 29 and single. He enjoyed his finest big league success with the Cards in 2006. He did not pitch in the World Series but he did make one appearance in the NLCS.

This tragedy takes me back to June of 2002 when Darry Kile and Jack Buck died within days. Tony Larussa did a great job holding the team together that summer. His leadership and even-handed approach will be needed again now.

I hate my job on days like this. We'll do our best to ask the right questions and provide the information that should be responsibly reported. But, we'll do so respecting the Cardinals' and the Hancock family's wishes.

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