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Hancock Lawsuit

Are you kidding me? Josh Hancock's family is suing multiple parties for his death? I may be revealing a certain naivete here but I am appalled. I can only hope that the parties named in the suit take a stand, refuse to cave, and do not agree to a settlement. It would reaffirm my faith in the judicial system to have a judge or jury throw this suit right out of court.

The lawsuit claims that Hancock's "intoxication was involuntary." That is outrageous. Does Hancock's father have a conscience? His son is dead because he made awful decisions. Period. And those decisions could have resulted in serious injury or death to others. Hancock displayed reckless behavior the night of his death. For starters, his blood alcohol level was double the legal limit. In addition, he was talking on his cell phone and did not use a seatbelt(not that that would have mattered in this case). Josh Hancock alone is responsible for what happened. But this goes back a point I made in earlier blog--that too often we look for scapegoats rather than take responsibility ourselves or assign it where it belongs.

I'm encouraged to read the initial response from the owner of the tow truck company. To paraphrase, he writes that he is sickened and saddened by the lawsuit. We all should be. If the tow truck wasn't there and the driver of the Geo was in his car, that family would be suing Hancock's family and have every right to. Speaking of the owner of the disabled car, he's named in the lawsuit. What's the message here? That people who can't afford upscale transportation are subject to frivolous lawsuits when their cars break down? And then there's Mike Shannon's Restaurant. This one doesn't surprise me but I disagree nonetheless. Is every bartender or restaurant manager in America responsible for every patron's decisions. Are they supposed to put a 29 year old man in a headlock and wrestle his keys away from him. How many lawyers would jump on that behavior by filing a lawsuit? Reportedly, Hancock was asked if he wanted a cab and he refused. If that is true, end of story.

How sad that the lawsuit claims that Hancock bares no responsibility in his own death. Shame on the Hancock family. And shame on the lawyer who convinced the family members they could cash in on Josh's fatal decisions.

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