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Quick Hits

****Finally, the Hancock family has come to its senses and dropped its ridiculous, baseless lawsuit. Let Josh rest in peace.

****Marc Bulger is having a fantastic camp. His accuracy and command of the offense is impossible to ignore. Jim Thomas, the Post sportswriter, says he's never seen Bulger this accurate in camp.

****Bulger tells me that Steven Jackson is running better than he ever has. Bulger says Jackson has "another gear" that wasn't there last year in camp. Bulger suggests Jackson could be an legit MVP candidate in 2007. My concern is how many "touches" he gets. He had 436 last season. That's too many even for a 231 pound hammer like Steven.

****Is there any doubt the Pittsburgh Pirates are the runts of the Central division? The Cards', Brewers', and Cubs' records are all artificially inflated because they play in the Central. Year after year, the Pirates are a bad baseball team. Tuesday night's game verified it. The Pirates last winning season was 1992.

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