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Michael Vick Will Be Back

There is no doubt in my mind Michael Vick will play in the NFL again. After being released from prison, he'll have the best image consultants money can buy. You can't tell me that all 32 teams will pass on a guy as talented as Vick is if he does and says all the right things. He may be 30 or 31 by that time, but he'll have gone three seasons without absorbing the abuse an NFL schedule doles out. If he serves his time and makes good on a promise to change, then he has every right to resume his career if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell deems him ready for reinstatement.

Having said that, I'd like the Vick apologists to stop insulting my intelligence. They keep saying Vick "made a bad choice". A "bad choice" hardly describes six years of felonious behavior. Vick knowingly and deliberately organized and participated in illegal and brutal behavior--for six years. That's not a "bad choice". It's more like hundreds of bad choices. Charles Barkley always cuts through the issues of race and culture and background gets right to the point. Barkley was on the money again this week saying Vick had six years to come to his senses. Barkley said Vick has to "grow up". Vick, to his credit, agreed and said so in his public apology. He said all the right things. I hope he means them. If he does, we will see Vick back in the NFL. Count on it.

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