Peter King's Rankings -

Peter King's Rankings

Veteran NFL insider Peter King has ranked the top 500 NFL players online at An interesting read, though just one man's opinions. Five Rams are in King's top 100:

Marc Bulger #18--An indication that Bulger is finally getting respect league wide. Now it's up to Marc to go out and prove he's worthy of the ranking and the 65 million dollar deal he signed.

Torry Holt #24-Not bad for a guy who's been operating on only one healthy knee. Has been, in my opinion, one of the two or three most COMPLETE receivers in the game for the past six years. You can have Moss and T.O., I'll take Torry.

Steven Jackson #30-This much respect after only one great season. If he gains 2200 to 2300 total yards in 2007, he'll be considered a top 15 guy by this time next year.

Leonard Little #60-This ranking would be much higher if Little played on the coasts or had more help rushing the passer the past few years. As it is, he had more sacks and pressures than Miami's Jason Taylor in 2006. Taylor ranks fifth in King's survey.

Orlando Pace #66-Two years ago, Big O would have been a top 20 guy. An indication King thinks he's not as dominant due to injuries and age. He can prove him wrong with a big year.

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