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Quick Hits

***The Rams will be facing a strong front seven this week. The Panthers' line and linebackers are big, physical and athletic. Carolina was in the top ten in most defensive categories a year ago. I'd love to see the Rams get Tight End Randy McMichael involved early. His prescence should open things up for the Rams wide receivers. There's no reason he shouldn't catch 40 or 50 passes this season.

***Don't be alarmed if Panthers Wide Receiver Steve Smith has a big day. He's a nasty match up for just about every team in the league. If he has a big day AND the Panthers run the ball well, it will be a long day for the home team.

***The radio delay that made listening to our Rams Radio broadcasts in the pre-season has been adjusted. You fans at the Dome with headsets on will experience no delay listening to myself and Jim Hanifan. And if you tune at home while watching, the delay will be only about six or seven seconds or what it was the past few years.

***As I'm typing this, Rick Ankiel has gone deep again. If the Cards complete the comeback and win the division, we'll all look back at the Ankiel call up as the pivotal move of the season. The Cards' line up was pretty ordinary and worn down before he injected new life into the attack. The Cardinals deserve kudos for sticking by Ankiel for the past few years. A lot of teams would have cut ties and moved on.

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