Ankiel...Ridiculous -


I can't remember a guy tearing up the league the way Rick Ankiel has in his first 23 games. It's not fair to place the same kind of expectations on him he once carried as a pitcher. But, why shouldn't Cards fans think the guy will be a 35 to 40 homer, 100 rbi guy for years to come? Through 23 games, he's hit 9 homers and driven home 29 runs. And he's hitting .358. His numbers through 23 games project to 63 homers, 203 rbi's and 203 hits over a full season. Ridiculous? Yes. But 23 games is enough to tell you the guy isn't the least bit overmatched. In fact, today the Pirates pitched around Ankiel and took their chances with Albert Pujols. When was the last time that happened?

Rams-Panthers prediction: Rams 27, Panthers 24. Jeff Wilkins wins it in the final minute. My inner voice tells me I shouldn't start making predictions(I never have before). If the Rams make me look stupid, I'll listen to my inner voice.

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